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Here at the Cumberland - Lincoln Boys & Girls Club we serve both communities of Cumberland and Lincoln, people of all ages young and old alike. We are a not for profit organization that was founded in 1956. The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Cumberland - Lincoln is "to be a positive force in the growth and development of all youth of Cumberland-Lincoln, by providing leadership, guidance and support, with a wide range of educational and physical activities in an enjoyable and secure environment, where youth can develop character and the qualities of responsible citizenship." We constantly strive to provide a positive environment within our facility with programs and services that are integral to our communities.

Hours of Operation

  Monday through Friday
           Weight and Cardio Room- M,W,F 5am-7pm - Tue,Thurs- 5:30am-7pm
           Front desk: 9am - 6pm
             Pool: See Aquatics schedule                                                
            Drop Zone for youth: Depending on age- between 3pm-7pm

             Basketball gymnasium: Must call for availability
                                           (exception are rentals, sports, or classes)


             Cardio and Weight Room: 9am-3pm
              Front Desk: 9am-3pm
              Pool: See aquatics schedule
             Drop Zone for youth: 12pm-3pm
             Basketball gymnasium: Must call for availability

          Facility: Opens in late fall
            Front Desk:
            Pool: See aquatics schedule
            Drop Zone: closed
             Basketball gymnasium: Rentals only
                                             (exceptions for classes and rentals)

Club Closures